The Funeral Orchestra
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Now availalbe at TFO bandcamp page:
Opium De Occulta (ODO)
Den Mörka Shamanens Glöd

We have also decided to bury the "Abyss Vomit Desolation" recording far down in the putrid soil until we feel that it is time to revive the project again...

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Announcement from Aftermath Music and The Funeral Orchestra
Be prepared for a limited 10" vinyl from The Funeral Orchestra!
A new apocalyptic ritual with the title "Abyss Vomit Desolation".
Soon during 2013, the abyss will vomit darkness and desolation...
Pre-orders will be taken soon!

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No rush in releasing new material.
But one thing is for sure...
There will be new tones from the orchestra when the time is right.

About TFO
Slow Doom music project from Sweden. Started in 2002.
Numerous "priests" have been involved in the project since its inception.


"Necronaut" - demo (2002)
"SSBTWOTL" - demo (2002)
"We Are The End" - mini CDr (2003 - Eternal Dark Productions)
"Feeding the Abyss" - CD (2003 - Aftermath Music)
"Feeding the Abyss" - 2LP (2005 - Parasitic Records)
"SSBTWOTL" - CD (re-release of 2002 demo, 2006 - Aftermath Music)
"ODO" - 7" vinyl (2008 - Aftermath Music)
"The Northern Lights II" - 12" split vinyl (2010 - Aftermath Music)

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